5 Reasons Why Your Supplements Need Third Party Certification

5 Reasons Why Your Supplements Need Third Party Certification

When it comes to purchasing supplements, consumers make decisions based on many factors. Trust and transparency ranks at the top. Third party certification lets customers know that your supplements prove both safe and high quality.

Certification establishes the accuracy of your ingredient list. It guarantees that no harmful or hidden ingredients lurk in your products. Read on to learn more about the five reasons your company needs the third party stamp of approval.

1) Trust and Transparency

Third party certification badges are obtained by getting a specific license and paying a yearly fee. Simply having your products tested does not give authority for a badge – there are a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ that need to be done.

Unlike other products, supplements get ingested. Before putting something in their body, customers must rest assured your company takes their safety seriously.

They must trust your brand. Consumers turn to supplements to improve their wellbeing, not endanger it.

Fortunately, a variety of third-party companies offer certification. Their stamp of approval provides added reassurance to customers.

But what is a third party certification group? They include:

  • NSF International
  • ConsumerLab
  • United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • Informed-Choice
  • Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG)

Third party certification does not address health outcome claims. But it does ensure that products include the ingredients listed on their labels. It also guarantees that no undeclared or harmful ingredients are present.

Third party certification establishes the quality of the supplement. This, in turn, helps your company build trust with customers.

The supplement industry continues to boom. New products flood the market every year.

Reputable manufacturers must showcase the quality of their supplements. Certification allows your brand to do this.

2) Standards Compliance

Trust and transparency starts with best practices in manufacturing. These best practices include:

  • the selection of ingredients
  • how they get stored
  • how they get processed
  • how they get shipped
  • and more

Certification in manufacturing shows that your company adheres to the highest standards. It proves you follow regulations for supplements, both domestic and international.

Certification, such as NSF, is recognized by regulatory agencies at every governmental level. That includes agencies from local to international. Their independent product testing and audits ensure that standards remain high and consistent.

3) Showing Commitment to Customers

Besides ensuring label accuracy, third parties review how ingredients interact. They do this to ensure that no harmful ingredient combinations occur. Consumer health and safety remain paramount.

Online directories such as NSF’s Certified for Sport monitor for banned substances. They only certify supplements that contain ingredients safe for athletic consumption. Professional athletes can rest assured they won’t face punishment, suspension, or sanction when taking these products.

4) Increasing Credibility

In 2016, more than 100 dietary supplement companies faced civil and criminal cases. These were brought by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Why? Their supplements either made unsubstantiated claims or contained unlisted ingredients. Some of these hidden ingredients proved harmful to consumers.

How does your company fight back against the fallout from disreputable manufacturers? How do you increase your credibility? How do you distance your company from the tarnished reputations of those who endanger customers?

By independent third party testing and certification, and by using manufacturers that are cGMP compliant and follow quality manufacturing practices. There is no better way to showcase the accuracy of your ingredient labels. It demonstrates the reliability of your manufacturing standards.

Certification increases your company’s credibility. It sets your brand apart from those who have endangered consumers. It establishes trust and transparency.

5) Proving GMP

What’s one of the best ways to overcome the stigma of negligent companies? By showing that your brand and manufacturing complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for dietary supplements.

GMP requires strict documentation and processes. These requirements ensure your products meet the highest standards for safety and quality. To verify GMP, agents will look at:

  • personnel
  • equipment
  • the physical plant
  • the plant’s grounds
  • production areas
  • process control systems
  • holding processes
  • distribution processes
  • record keeping
  • guidelines for handling recalls
  • product complaints
  • product returns

GMP guarantees that what appears on the label is accurate. It assesses ingredient:

  • identity
  • composition
  • quality
  • purity
  • strength

All raw ingredients must also be identified.

GMP standards don’t just apply to dietary supplement manufacturers. They apply to raw material manufacturers, distributors, warehousing companies, and packaging companies.

Third Party Certification

As a brand manufacturer of dietary supplements, you are responsible for ensuring customer safety. You should always seek the highest levels of transparency and trust.

Consumers now take more supplements than ever before. They’ve also grown much savvier about what to look for in supplements. For the success of your company, it’s crucial that you earn consumer trust and loyalty.

The best way to do this remains third party certification. Your customers will know at a glance that your company stands for nothing less than quality and safety.

Professional athletes follow strict rules when it comes to the supplements they can take. Ensure your products remain safe and sanctioned for athletes. Programs such as the NSF Certified for Sport will help you guarantee there are no banned substances in your products.

This provides yet another layer of credibility to customers. It also lets them know you care deeply about their health and wellbeing. Finally, it enlarges the customer demographics that you can serve, proving an investment in your customers and your company.

Educate your customers about third-party certification and what it means for them. Remember, consumers want to buy from companies who understand their needs. They look for companies that provide supplements to help support their wellbeing.

Let them know how certification relates to the safety and quality of your products. This will help you exceed their expectations in terms of products and customer experience. That way, you’ll build a strong network of customers loyal to your brand.

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