Supplement manufacturing.
This is what we do.

And all our employees take pride and ownership in doing it very, very well.

Are you looking for a contract manufacturer for your dietary supplements?

In our experience, an essential ingredient is the advice and expertise of a certified cGMP manufacturing team. A team that knows a thing or two about quality and speed-to-market.

When we get members together and understand project needs and goals, magic happens.

We discover solutions. We identify potential obstacles. People leave the table – or phone call – with new ideas and actions to apply in growing business and making their manufacturing project a success.

Reach out to us. Give us a call. Send us an email (or your owl). Stop by the office. Let’s discover if our quality contract manufacturing and packaging processes are the right fit for your project.

Quality Workmanship Behind All We Do

From formula to finished goods, an iceberg of quality and care from passionate people surrounds the manufacture of your product. Listed below are some of our skills that shine above the surface.

Also, so you know – that behemoth berg below the surface contains industry best practices and our proprietary procedures that contribute to your product success. This is one berg that is cool, cohesive, and will compliment your business goals.

  • Validated Quality Manufacturing

    As a certified cGMP manufacturer, our methods ensure product testing and quality validation occur during every link of the supply chain, including every stage of manufacturing and packaging.

    Extensive QC is performed before any ingredient is released to production. Finished products are again tested before the product is released for shipment. Contamination swab testing occurs throughout manufacturing.

    Our processes are documented and validated throughout the manufacture of your product.

  • Dependable Capabilities

    Decades of experience in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries distinguish the Biovation Labs leadership team. Customers enjoy a dependable process from product development to on-time deliverables.

    Specialties include:

    • Formulation
    • Encapsulation
    • Tableting
    • Label accuracy & compliance
    • Bottling
    • Carton packaging
    • Order fulfillment
    • And more

    Turn-key expertise from formula to finished product. Dependability aimed toward the success of your product.

  • Industry Expertise

    As an FDA registered facility, and NSF cGMP certified, Biovation Labs adheres to good manufacturing principles while continuing to innovate. As your partner in product success, we provide regulatory guidance and steering of the ins and outs of the nutraceutical supplements industry. Our  team of industry experts are your partner to find the best solutions for your unique supplement product needs.

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Crafting Your Supplement Story

Combine our depth of formulation experience with your innovative supplement ideas, and what do you get?
You get years of formulation knowledge, loads of industry best practices in supplement formulation, and an entrepreneurial drive for dietary formulations with spark and uniqueness.
Sounds like a formula for success. We dare say — sounds like a bottle-full of success!
Which is why there is no surprise that so many supplement brand companies choose a relationship with Biovation Labs. From industry giants to start-up entrepreneurs, the common thread in the competitive world of supplement manufacturing is the desire for unique supplement ideas.
As you partner with our expert formulators; as we run a manufacturing pilot program on your innovative supplement formula; as we churn out millions of perfect capsules every day; we are writing your supplement story. Let us help craft your perfect supplement story – from formula to finished product.

Formulation & Research

We know there are a lot of contract manufacturers for you to choose from– especially these days. We believe the product people take off the store shelf should contain what they think it contains, do what it claims to do, and be safe at the same time.

Designing supplements for maximum success across the spectrum is our commitment to you. It’s why we’re different. It’s why we’re better.

Our R&D team is committed to crafting supplements that are as efficacious as possible, safe to take, and that meet label potency claims. There’s much more R&D going into your supplement formulation than meets the eye.

How does a supplement break down in someone’s body, for example. It’s one reason why we encourage the use of raw materials: knowing raw materials will help the nutrients flow into your customer’s system. It’s also why we have a dedicated internal lab staff and conduct third-party testing.

Our BE Commitments

Be secure about the ingredients we procure for your supplement.

Be confident in our design of your product.

Be delighted knowing we guarantee the ingredients from the point of manufacture.

Supply Chain

Quality. Quality. Quality.

It’s in everything we do. The level of dedication and combined experience we bring to your product is unparalleled. When you have this much expertise from your supplement manufacturer, you get quality and complete transparency from sourcing to forecasting.

In short, we know how to get what you need- and make it work.



Whether it’s stock or custom materials, bottles, lids, boxes or labels- we can source every component, provide a competitive quote, and tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the material’s source.

Our decades of relationship building in contract dietary supplement manufacturing means we know just about everybody, just about every hard-to-find material, and just about every sourcing detail.

Once you’ve approved the order of raw materials, we purchase them and handle the logistics of getting your materials into our facility. Now the real fun begins!


Raw materials are quarantined in our facility until tested analytically, meaning, for cleanliness, (like yeast and microbials). Once cleared, we test the raw materials from the manufacturing perspective of practicality.

Our team tests for things like flowability, particle size, and density, knowing all these factors impact capsule manufacturing. Is your supplement going to be in tablet form? We test those materials for compressibility and cross-ingredient degradation.

What happens when ingredients encounter heat is another important piece of the process. After all, our manufacturing machines create friction and friction produces heat.

Inventory and Forecasting

Never down on repeat orders. That’s our goal–and yours too.

Our supply chain team does more than track the inventory, it proactively manages it. Is one component sourced from California and another from China? From shipping times and customs to warehousing needs and more, we take it all into account for accurate forecasting and deliverables.

Scalability is our forte. From a starting batch of 30,000 bottles to a second one needing 100,000, we do more than simply manage your inventory. We’re always communicating with you, updating forecasts, and scaling up or down based on YOUR needs.

Quality Testing

Testing. More testing

Biovation Labs is known for our frequency of testing and our rigorous standards. Our Quality Assurance team is continually weighing, measuring, blending, and processing. At our facility you don’t need to worry about label potency or identity. If the label reads “wasabi” we’ll make sure it’s not horseradish!

While some contract dietary supplement manufacturers test a product pulled from the line every one or two hours, Biovation Labs performs a quality assurance test every 15 minutes! It’s another reason we’re able to guarantee our product from the point of manufacture.

Our standard testing includes:

  • FTIR identification
  • Microbiological testing
  • Heavy metals testing, including Prop. 65 requirements
  • Potency testing
  • Other tests per client needs

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Legendary Customer Support

You have likely heard the saying – “Legends are made, not born.”

Oft quoted, it continues with “Legend is conscience and a product of hard work driven by passion.”

How did our customer support become legendary? It began with our recognition of support as not only service, but as Customer Success. Your success!

Our passion for seeing your product succeed drives us. Our strength – our legend – is in our relationships with our clients and how we manage the symphony of steps and moving parts that need to harmonize to manufacture the product and deliver on time, and within budget.You receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). Your Success Manager provides personalized service and orchestrates your project for proactive results – always looking to achieve better outcomes for you, and monitoring metrics to discover problems before they happen.

Relationships are hard work, which is why our Success Managers work hard for you.

  • Solution-based communications- Should an issue arise or a problem occurs, we believe in instant communication. We explain the situation, what the solutions are, and how it may impact delivery times. We strive to eliminate issues before they happen.
  • Seamless processes- Our support system is built to ensure your success. Processes read from the same song sheet and execute efficiently and seamlessly. We do more than manage your production workflow. We offer guidance, checklists, and transparency.
  • On schedule and on budget- Your delivery schedule is extremely important. So is your budget. We utilize all our resources — machinery, scheduling, personnel, supply chain, communications, experience, knowledge – and leverage all of it toward exceeding your expectations.

These days, a well-informed decision in supplement manufacturing absolutely must include building a mutual relationship of transparency and responsiveness. We look forward to becoming your legendary dietary supplement manufacturer.

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  • Label & Packaging

    By now you’ve probably learned our commitment to quality control. We continue to magnify our quality control processes in your label design and product packaging. Learn how our understanding of the industry and regulations help craft accurate and powerful packaging for your product.

  • Fulfillment & Shipping

    If contract manufacturing is the mountain of Biovation Labs, our order processing and fulfillment capabilities are the tributaries and rivers. Whether inventory warehousing, retail distribution, or direct-to-consumer fulfillment—we have cost-effective solutions that help build your brand. Learn more here.

  • Private Label Supplements

    All aspects of our quality contract supplement manufacturing process are utilized in our private label dietary supplements. If you are shopping for private label formulations with guaranteed potency and quality validation, inspect our product line to place your label on. We can also work with you on custom formulation private label solutions. Give us a call for more information.


We accelerate the growth of business. Come grow with us.

Whether your product is at a mature stage or a formative stage – we leverage our experts and capabilities with relevant marketplace guidance and validated quality manufacturing to help speed your product to market. Contact us now, tell us what you need, and let’s grow success.

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