What Does High-Quality Ingredient Testing Look Like?

What Does High-Quality Ingredient Testing Look Like?

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In the natural products industry, the word test means something completely different from your days in the testing lab at school. It means trust; it means quality; and above all, it means safety. Partnering with a contract manufacturer brings several benefits, not the least of which is that they know the processes and procedures of regulatory compliance.
Nutraceutical and dietary supplement makers are responsible for manufacturing the highest-quality products possible. As more companies recognize the need for heightened quality assurance, there has been a widespread shift wherein more firms are choosing to partner with contract manufacturers who can help handle and manage the manufacturing and testing of high-quality products.

Good Manufacturing Practices

As part of its dietary supplement current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs; 21 CFR 111), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that to ensure the quality of the finished product, manufacturers are responsible for establishing specifications for identity, purity, strength, and composition related to components of dietary supplements (21 CFR 111.70). They are also responsible for establishing limits for the types of contamination that may adulterate or lead to adulteration of the finished batch of the dietary supplement.
These cGMPs are designed to prevent the inclusion of the wrong ingredient, the addition of too much or too little of an ingredient, the possibility of contamination, and the improper packaging and labeling of a product. The manufacturer must then ensure that the tests and examinations they use to determine whether these specifications are met are based on appropriate, scientifically valid methods. (21 CFR 111.75)
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